The Value of Ethylhexyl Pelargonate Market to Grow at a Moderate CAGR as Consumers Demand Label-friendly Products 2018 – 2026

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Global Ethylhexyl Pelargonate Market Overview

Ethylhexyl pelargonate is an ingredient majorly used in emollient and is derived from esters of pelargonic acid and isononanoic acid. It is an ester explicitly developed for personal care and pharmaceutical applications. It is colorless liquid with coconut oil aroma and acts as an excellent dispersant for pigments in cosmetics. It has various applications in cosmetic and personal care products including colored cosmetics, skin care products such as emollient, shaving creams, an anti-clogging agent in antiperspirants, and others. Moreover, ethylhexyl pelargonate market has observed healthy CAGR in the forecast period.

Ethylhexyl pelargonate is certified as a safe and reliable ingredient in cosmetics products by CIR Experts. Hence, ethylhexyl pelargonate is the desired ingredient by many manufacturers. Moreover, rising consumer awareness of cosmetic and personal care products and inclinations of millennial of age between 16 to 35 towards personal appeal and beauty of both gender is driving the growth ethylhexyl pelargonate market globally.

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Global Ethylhexyl Pelargonate Market Dynamics

Increase in demand for multifunctional cosmetics products

Popularity of multifunctional cosmetics and personal care products is increasing worldwide, primarily due to price-sensitive consumers. Personal care and cosmetic products require multifunctional ingredients such as ethylhexyl pelargonate based emollient to offer better functionality. Emollients provide numerous benefits to skin and mitigate several skin disorders such as dryness, eczema, psoriasis, acne and other related problems. Thus, manufacturers are developing integrated products that offer multiple benefits to fulfill the need of consumers. Therefore, this factor will significantly increase the ethylhexyl pelargonate market globally.

Inclination of millennial towards cosmetic and personal care products

Over the past few years, millennial have been spending more on personal care and cosmetic products due to changing lifestyles, digitization and transparency of various brand products. They demand for more niche products to define individualism and growing social media obsession. Thus, the demand for more customized and personalised product is driving the cosmetic and personal care market. Manufacturers are developing more diverse products to meet the huge demand from millennial. Thus, the demand for ethylhexyl pelargonate will witness a substantial growth in the coming future.

Rising demand for organic and natural product

Rising demand for organic and natural products can impact the growth of ethylhexyl pelargonate market. The demand for natural and organic products is primarily driven by increasing demand for clean labelled product and increase health conscious consumer globally. Ethylhexyl pelargonate is a synthetic component and inhibits certain side effects when used in pure form. Thus, the demand for natural and organic product can affect the growth of ethylhexyl pelargonate market globally.

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The global Ethylhexyl Pelargonate market can be segmented on the basis of purity as:

  • Below 95%
  • 95-98%
  • Above 98%

The global Ethylhexyl Pelargonate market can be segmented on the basis of application as:

  • Colour cosmetics/Makeup
  • Skin Care
  • Hair care

The global Ethylhexyl Pelargonate market can be segmented on the basis of the geographical region as:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Middle East and Africa (MEA)
  • East Asia
  • South Asia
  • Oceania

Global Ethylhexyl Pelargonate Market Regional Overview

North America has recorded the highest market share in ethylhexyl pelargonate, due to increase in consumer awareness and high disposable income. North America has the highest penetration of ethylhexyl pelargonate manufacturers including Croda International Plc. In regions such as China, Korea, and Japan, ethylhexyl pelargonate market is expected to have the highest CAGR in the coming future, due to growing economy, strong focus on research and development and rising focus on beauty by Korean and China population. In India, the growing middle class population is demanding for more cosmetics and personal care products involvi9ng ethylhexyl pelargonate. Europe maintains the second highest position in the ethylhexyl pelargonate market with rising investments in research and development and increasing focus on expansion of production. In regions such as Middle East and Africa, ethylhexyl pelargonate market will also see a steady growth in the forecast period.

Global Ethylhexyl Pelargonate Market Key Players

The key participants of ethylhexyl pelargonate is majorly concentrated in North America regions followed by Asia Pacific regions such as China and Korea. Some of the key market participants in the global Ethylhexyl Pelargonate market are:

  • Alzo International Inc.
  • Amadis Chemical Co.,Ltd.
  • Croda International Plc
  • The Lubrizol Corporation
  • BOC Sciences
  • Penta Manufacturer
  • Other prominent players

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