Is creatine effective for muscle growth and strength?

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How this supplement affects the athlete’s body. Does it really help in increasing muscle volume and strength?

Creatine is positioned as the main assistant in the issue of energy production. But this is not the only quality of the substance. In practice, it guarantees strength growth, muscle growth and improved athletic performance. It is easy to explain. Adding energy to the body, creatine promotes active work in training, performing more repetitions and, as a result, increasing strength indicators. Thanks to this, protein synthesis is stimulated, and there muscle growth is just around the corner.

We must not forget about the ability of the supplement to retain fluid in the muscle cells, which guarantees an additional visual effect. In addition, muscle superhydration occurs – a condition in which protein production is accelerated, glycogen production is stimulated, and metabolic processes are activated. As a result, there is a quick recovery, increased strength, reduced breaks between trips to the gym. But how does Clomiphene citrate for sale online in Australia work, what are the features of its intake, and is the really able to influence muscle growth?


What it is?

Creatine is a substance (carboxylic acid) that has a high nitrogen content. This element is present in muscle cells and guarantees normal muscle metabolism. The human body contains an average of 120-150 grams of this substance, part of which is located in the muscles of the skeleton.

The main purpose is to increase strength, endurance and muscle volume. It is also considered the main carrier of energy and tissue regeneration accelerator. Regular supplementation paves the way for effective workouts.

Scientific background

Beginners who decide to add creatine to the diet do not know anything about this substance and take on faith the words of experienced colleagues in the sports “workshop”. But this approach is fundamentally wrong, because information about the substance is important for every person who decides to take sports nutrition. It is worth knowing the results obtained on the basis of scientific research.

Taking creatine in combination with training guarantees a synergistic effect, that is, a mutual strengthening of the drugs entering the body. In addition, it is proved that it accelerates the increase in muscle power, provides stable muscle growth and an increase in strength. Also, thanks to this substance, muscle cells are saturated with water (relevant studies were conducted in 2003).


In 2003, an experiment was conducted in which two groups of athletes participated. One took creatine during the training process, and the other did not use this drug. The team that took the supplement showed a steady increase in muscle mass (25% more than the representatives of the second group). The experiment was carried out for a month. After receiving supporting data, scientists decided to stop it.

In 2002, a study was conducted in which participants trained using this drug. As a result, the reception provided a stable increase in strength indicators and muscle mass.

The experiments confirmed that creatine works and guarantees the correct action on the athlete’s body. The negative impact on the functioning of internal organs is minimal.

Work mechanism

To understand the reasons for the popularity of a substance, it is worth understanding the mechanism of its action on the body. In the same scientific way, it was found that creatine works in several directions:

  • With an increase in the volume of creatine phosphate in the skeleton, reserves appear for carrying out work with high intensity. This is true when it comes to intense loads, subject to minimum intervals for rest.
  • The growth of creatine phosphate leads to the maintenance of muscle tension for a long time. Due to this effect, there is not only an increase in muscle mass, but also an increase in strength.
  • Stable intake of creatine supplements ensures activation of cellular homeostasis. As a result, the pH level is maintained at an optimal level.
  • A decrease in creatine phosphate in the body (in its cells) leads to an increase in the volume of ADP. Such an action contributes to the rephosphorylation and increase in the rate of glycolysis.

Creatine accelerates the growth of strength and muscles, optimizes recovery processes, makes the body more efficient. In addition, informal studies were also conducted, which showed that in the case of a decrease in the time for rest between sets, the number of working repetitions also decreased. In addition, the growth of indicators was not so noticeable in those athletes who rested 3-4 minutes before each approach. This fact confirms that if the supplement leads to an increase in endurance, then only indirectly.



General action

The substance has four effects on the body:

  1. Strength gain. During the period of receiving loads, creatine plays the role of the main source of energy for the body. As a result, own stock of glycogen and ATP is saved, an increase in working weights is observed.
  2. Muscle growth. One of the “side” effects of administration is the filling of muscle fibers with water and its subsequent retention in cells. Due to this, the increase in muscle mass for 14 days of administration is 3-5 kilograms .
  3. Speeding up muscle cell building. Attracting fluid to the cells improves the quality of the sarcoplasm. As a result, the consumption of glycogen, as well as the substances necessary for recovery and growth, is reduced.
  4. Increased testosterone levels. Studies have confirmed the fact that taking the supplement promotes the growth of this hormone in the stronger sex. Within 2.5 months, this figure increased by 22%.

How much to take?

To guarantee stable muscle growth, it is worth carefully considering the dosage of the drug. The average portion that should enter the athlete’s body is 3-4 grams. In this case, the substance should come not only with special additives, but also with food. This is easy, because the required amount of creatine is contained in 250-300 grams of red meat. As for vegetarians, for them the only way out is to receive sports nutrition.

It is worth considering the rules of use. The substance is best absorbed after exercise, when the protein-carbohydrate window opens. As soon as the course of administration is completed, the level of the substance in the muscles and blood decreases after 15-20 days. Therefore, breaks between courses should not exceed 2-3 weeks.


Side effects

Creatine has a number of negative effects on the body, including:

  1. Hydration. During the course of the course, fluid accumulates. But you should not be afraid of this. This process is safe and does not manifest itself in the form of tumors and edema. The average volume of fluid that is retained in the body does not exceed 1-1.5 liters. Beginners often make a mistake and limit their intake of water. This cannot be done. Reducing the amount of fluid you drink often leads to harm to the body.
  2. Dehydration is the opposite of the previous process. Due to the accumulation of water in the muscles, the body experiences a certain deficit. To prevent this problem, you must drink at least three liters per day.
  3. Cramps and cramping. Such an effect exists only in theory. With proper administration, such manifestations are excluded. In addition, more and more scientists agree that the processes of seizures and the substance in question are not connected at all.
  4. Malfunctions in the digestive process. Excessive intake of the supplement often causes diarrhea, abdominal pain and gastrointestinal upset. Such side effects occur during the loading phase, when creatine doses are extremely high. There are several reasons for this phenomenon – a low degree of purification, poor quality of the drug, the presence in the stomach of an excessive volume of a substance with a low degree of solubility.
  5. Acne to eat. Creatine is not able to cause such manifestations. But the onset of the rash is real amid rising testosterone levels.
  6. Almost the liver. Studies have shown that even in the case of prima large doses (from 30 grams or more), the drug does not negatively affect these organs.




Creatine is a reliable assistant in the issue of muscle growth, increasing strength and obtaining additional amounts of energy. But it, like any other supplement, should be taken at the right time and subject to strict adherence to the dosage.


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